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Delco 18 Police Perjury

According to a 27 October 2020  Tulsa World article published while he was being investigated by the Council on Law Enforcement Education, current Delaware County Sheriff


"Mark  Berry completed a job application in 2005 stating that he graduated from Grove Schools, although no date was provided. In a resume six years later, Berry said he graduated from Colcord in 1978. Campaign materials from 2016 and this year say Berry is a Grove graduate; he was pictured in a yearbook with the school’s 1979 seniors. In the course of an investigation, a diploma for Berry was produced that appears to have been issued in 2005 by Colcord Public Schools. In testimony Friday, Berry said he thought he graduated from Grove in 1979. He said he went through the commencement ceremony despite apparently being short at least one credit hour. Berry testified that he did not review a packet of documents provided to him by district officials after the graduation ceremony in Grove."